Phoenix grocery deals: Save money by finding out what's on sale first

PHOENIX - Save money on your food bill this week by finding out what deals you can get.


Quench your thirst this week at Albertsons: when you buy 15 bottles of 32-ounce Powerade you can get each of them for just 58 cents. Buy some water for a great price, too--Albertsons has 128 ounce bottles of Crystal Geyser Spring water for just $1. If you need some eggs, Albertsons also has you covered. You can buy a dozen eggs for $1. Plus, if you work in the field of first responders you can get 10 percent off your entire food bill on Wednesday, May 15 at Albertsons.

Food City

Save on some whole chickens at Food City. They have those chickens on sale for 88 cents per pound. Plus, they are sold in twin packs, and you can purchase two packs for that price. Save on cucumbers this week as well. At Food City you can buy eight cucumbers for just $1. If you shop at Food City on Friday, May 17 until May 18, you can score a deal on a dozen eggs for 88 cents each. You can purchase two cartons for that price.


Get a gallon of milk for just $1.79 each at Fry's this week. Of course, you can only purchase two at that price. If you want something sweet, you can save at Fry's. They have 16-ounce containers of strawberries for 97 cents, with a limit of four. Fry's also has 32-ounce bottles of Powerade on sale for 59 cents each and with no limits. If you are in the mood for a burger, you can save on ground beef at Fry's. They have 80 percent lean ground beef sold in a three-pound roll for $2.49 per pound.


Score a deal on watermelon at Sprouts this week. You can buy five pounds for just $1. They also have mangos on sale for 49 cents each.


Buy red seedless grapes for 99 cents per pound and buy up to four pounds at that price at Bashas'. Have some barbecue chicken for cheap: Bashas' has leg quarters, drumsticks and thighs on sale for 99 cents per pound. You can buy up to four packs at that price. You can also save on assorted pork chops at Bashas' for $1.57 per pound. You can buy two packs at that price. Bashas' has a three day sale on Friday, May 17 through Sunday. During that sale, you can buy a dozen eggs for 88 cents each with a limit of two cartons. Or score a five-pound bag of russet potatoes for 77 cents each during that same sale.

If you want some additional savings, make sure to check your grocery stores website for additional deals and coupons. You can also can find coupons at, and

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