Parents can make baby food, save money

Save money while giving your baby a healthy meal! You can do this by making your own baby food.

It is so simple and easy to do. When your baby is eating single ingredient foods the savings is not huge, but you can save and have a piece of mind that you know exactly what you are feeding your baby.

You can purchase a jar of carrots, peas, applesauce, sweet potatoes or bananas for close to the same cost as making your own baby food. Those jars of food can vary in price from about $.50 to $1 for a 4 ounce jar.

To make something similar you will save some money. For example, to make 4 ounces of sweet potatoes, it cost me about $.25 versus $.50 for the 4 ounce of beechnut sweet potatoes.

It is so simple to make baby food. All you need is a good blender or food processor; just about anything that can puree food will work.

The better the appliance, the easier it is. Depending on what you want to make can depend on the time it takes.

For example, if you want to make sweet potatoes, carrots or some type of hard vegetables, it will take longer because you need to steam them first.

The less water you use to steam those vegetables, the more nutrients that will stay in the vegetable.  

Once you are done steaming the vegetables, now it is time to puree your food.

Take the vegetables and place them in your appliance you will use to puree. If you have some water left over from steaming your vegetables, use it in your appliance or use just a tiny bit of water.

Then puree away until your food is the consistency you want. It truly is that simple. Of course, if your preference is organic food, you can use organic vegetables.

Once your baby starts eating more than single ingredient foods, this is when the savings of making your own baby food will really pay off.  

Here is an example: Instead of buying a jar of pureed chicken and potatoes, just make it for dinner and for your baby, throw those potatoes and chicken in your food processor and right there you are saving because you did not need to buy separate food.  

Plus a lot of food manufacturers start putting fillers in foods that are not single ingredients.

So now you can make your baby's food and have control over what you are feeding your baby, plus you can put the savings away in a college fund. 

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