Fresh fruits, vegetables for half the price at Kodiak Produce

Save money on produce by buying from a local distributor.

Kodiak Fresh Produce is local and they sell wholesale produce in large quantities to many restaurants which means huge savings. They also sell it in smaller quantities to the public, so you can still get some amazing pricing. Plus, they sell both organic and non organic produce.

Here is an example of some of their pricing. You can buy 11 pounds of asparagus for $15. That comes out to $1.36 per pound. Just a few weeks ago I saw them for $4 per pound. Although this week Bashas' has asparagus on sale for $.97 per pound with a limit of four. So we will see prices coming down from now until around the end of April. 

How about organic blueberries. You can buy 12, 6-ounce containers for $16 each. That is just a little less than $1.34 a container. This time of year, grocery stores have 6-ounce containers of blueberries on sale for $2.99, so Kodiak Produce is offering an incredible deal.

30 Asain pears for $12, 88 Gala Apples for $29, 65 cucumbers for $15, and the list of deals goes on.

You can stop by during the weekdays to buy in large quantities. Their hours are Monday though Friday from 5 a.m  until 2 p.m. 

You don't have to be a wholesaler to get these prices, but you will need to buy it in those quantities. Buying in such a large quantity might give you the savings, but if you don't have an army to feed, eating all that produce before it goes bad may be impossible.

You can share it with a group of folks to help, or go to Kodiak's farmers market on Saturday mornings. They sell whatever may be left from the week's orders so it can vary as to what you will each week. I know you will get some deals.

Their Saturday market is located at their warehouse and is from  6 a.m. until about 12 p.m. You can purchase produce in smaller quantities and still save some money. This coming Saturday, February 9th, they will be selling asparagus for $1.50 per pound, organic blueberries in 6-ounce clam shells for $1.50 each and a ton of other produce.

It does vary what they sell, but it looks like no matter what they have. you will get fresh produce for a fraction of what you would buy from a grocery store.

Kodiak Fresh Produce has a no frills warehouse located on the south side of the access road off of I-10 east of 7th Street.

Their exact address is 1033 E. Maricopa in Phoenix.

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