Empower yourself by doing your own research on finding a deal

I always say do your own research when it comes to shopping.

Let me share with you some must-have tools before you walk into any store. My first must-have is an app called Google Shopper. This app is free to use and does a pretty good job of helping you learn whether or not you are getting a deal on an item.

Here's how Google Shopper works. When you find an item you are thinking about buying, you use your Smartphone to scan the bar code on the package using Google Shopper. If there is no bar code, you can type in the product in the search menu or you can click the microphone and speak the item description. Once you do any of those three, you will get a list of results showing the stores or online stores and price of the item you are looking to purchase.

Here is an example.

I went to Target and was thinking about purchasing Endust for Electronics. It comes in a two pack and sells for $8.99. I opened up my Google Shopper app and scanned the barcode and got a list of both online and brick and mortar stores showing the exact same item but different prices. In Google Shopper, you can sort the list by price. I keep mine on lowest  to highest prices to display. The cheapest according to Google Shopper was for $10.

Now this leads into my next must-have app. 

Amazon's app pretty much works the same way as Google Shopper but don't forget both companies are in business to make money so you're not getting a pure objective result in price comparison.  I use these apps as a gage because I like to get a second opinion. In this case, it was smart because Amazon has the Endust for Electronics twin pack for $5.95. However, this price did not include free shipping. To ship was an additional $5.49, not making it such a good deal.

So in the end I purchased it from the Target store and ended up saving $2 plus I did not have to wait for it to arrive at my home.

In conclusion, the more information you have, the better decision you can make. As I always say just because a retailer states something is on sale or a good price does not mean it is. Do your own research and find out on your own if it really is a good price. 

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