Don't let Halloween prices scare you: Tips to save on costumes

PHOENIX - Halloween means pumpkins costumes, and candy corn. Sometimes shopping for all those costumes and decorations can leave you with a lengthy receipt.

Your ABC15 Smart Shopper is here to help you save some cash, without having to limit the spooky celebrations.

To save on costumes, head over to the resale stores such as Goodwill.

They have low-cost costumes and, even if you don't find your dream costume, they often have cheap clothes that you can use to build the perfect look.

Another great idea: have a costume swap.

Most of us don't like to wear the same costume year after year, but if everyone shares, it's new to you. Call up your friends and pull out last year's costumes. You might just find a hidden treasure.

It's no secret, but the best time to buy your costume is after Halloween because many stores slash their prices by at least 50 percent.

And whether it's costumes, decorations or food, coupons can always bring the bill down.

At, I found several Halloween coupons, including some for free shopping and 25 percent off.

As for candy, hard candy tends to be cheaper than chocolate so save yourself some cash since most Trick-or-Treaters aren't picky; they're just happy for the extra sugar.

Check out my story on candy deals on .

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