Does the Genie Bra really give you support and comfort?

Do you have bra problems? The underwire digs into your skin; it's uncomfortable and it doesn't give you enough support? The Genie Bra is supposed to solve that problem.

Debbie from Surprise says she has had a lot of failures with different bras, so she emailed us to ask if we would try out the Genie Bra before she spent the cash.

So who better to try out the genie bra than Debbie?

The makers of the genie bra claims to grant you some major wishes... Comfort and support that you don't get from underwire bras.

So Debbie wore the genie bra for more than a month every day.

And right away she says she didn't want to take it off.  "It's a lot more comfortable than any other bra I've had on," says Debbie.

So her first wish was granted.

Another claim is that the Genie Bra will make you look lifted and younger. Debbie says that wish did not come true.

Still Debbie says, "The benefits of the Genie Bra outweigh the concerns. I would spend the $20."

I have to agree with Debbie. The bra is very comfortable. It reminds me of a very comfortable sports bra with a little bit of padding.

But Debbie definitely didn't get the lift that you see on the women in the infomercial.

We had better luck than Debbie; a nice lift and good support.

But since the straps are so thick, you can't wear it with everything.

Still for 20 bucks, I agree with Debbie. We give the Genie Bra a thumbs up.

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