Does the Flex-Able Hose live up to its claims?

The Flex-Able Hose is supposed to expand up to 25 feet without kinking. We tried it out to see if it lives up to its claims.

Nancy from Phoenix emailed us about the Flex-Able Hose, saying she needed a solution for watering her landscape. So who better to try it out than Nancy?

Nancy used the Flex-Able Hose for more than a week and one of her first observations was what she calls "a mistake in the directions."

It says to take off the nozzle before you turn off the water to allow the hose to drain. But that didn't work out so well. Nancy says water sprayed everywhere. So she tried it again, but this time she left the nozzle on. The hose retracted perfectly to its original size.

Every time she turned on the water using the Flex-Able Hose, it expanded to about 20 feet, just as it did in the infomercial.

The spray nozzle has several spray patterns and it worked great. Nancy says the hose did live up to its promise and gives it a thumbs up.

We also tried out the Flex-Able Hose and I have to agree with Nancy, it did just as it promised.

Still, Nancy is hesitant to say that she would buy the hose.  She says for her gardening purposes it won't always work because she often likes to deep soak her plants.  The Flex-Able Hose only works with the spray attachment, so she doesn't have that option.  Also, Nancy says she isn't sure that it will withstand the Phoenix sun. Nancy said she will keep us posted and we will let you know what she says.

The Flex-Able Hose comes in different sizes and costs about $28 including online shipping.

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