finds BEST local deals for you

Get online and you'll find tons of daily deal websites.

It's great to get a good deal, but finding exactly what you want can be overwhelming with all the emails filling your inbox.

I found a website with a simple solution. It's called and the site does pretty much all of the hard work for you. It gathers the local daily deals from all of the popular sites including, and

You can even customize exactly what you're looking for, from food and drinks to home and garden. That way you don't have to get deal alerts for things you don't really care about.

The email is even customized into categories. So, instead of several emails alerting you to deals every day, you'll get just one. If you see a deal you like, there's a link right in the email that takes you directly to the daily deal website so you can buy it.

Some of these deal sites have restrictions in small fine print, so read everything.

Just because you see a deal on one of these sites doesn't mean you're actually getting a bargain. Always do your own research, before you spend the cash.

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