Cool down with a slushy and make it at home

It's starting to get hot, so it is the perfect time for a slushy.

The makers of the Squeezy Freezy claim their product is supposed to let you make your own in minutes. But will it work?  Let me try it before you buy it.

Squeezy Freezy lets you can make slushies at home without the need for ice or even a blender. All you have to do is freeze the cup for up to three hours and then fill it with your favorite cold drink. The drink has to be cold. That is key.

Next just let the drink sit in the frozen cup for at least one minute, then squeeze, squeeze and squeeze for another minute. One complete, you should have a sweet treat. We tried it using several drinks, including orange juice and soda.

In four out of five tries, the Squeezy Freezy did exactly what it promised ... which is make slushies. We found that the colder the drink, the better the slushy.

The downside to the Squeezy Freezy is that it takes about three hours for the cup to freeze, so you can only make one at a time. The upside is you can put whatever you want into your slushy. You can control the ingredients and actually make it healthy, if you want.

Overall the Squeezy Freezy does work.  As far as living up to its claim, I have to give it a thumbs up. We purchased it at Target. But personally, for $15 I just don't think I would spend the cash.  I would just add my favorite drink in a blender and make a slushy. That way I can save my money.




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