Black Friday 2013: Best and worst things to buy in November

The month of November is considered one of the largest shopping months.

A lot of things will be on sale, but it doesn't mean you can find a deal on everything.

If you are thinking of buying and older iPad to save money, think again.

According to Apple's iPad 2 will continue to sell for $399. Some retailers like Walmart are currently selling the iPad 4 with retina display for $449. The price will most likely drop down to $399 this month. Making that newer model a better buy.

Want bragging rights on having the best cookware on Thanksgiving Day? Well this is the time to buy that cookware.

According to, last November they saw a 41 percent increase on cookware items going on sale. So if predicted correctly, you will score some great deals on those pots and pans, small appliances and bake ware. 

Of course Black Friday season is a good time to buy an off-brand 42-inch HDTV. Experts predict the prices will be under the $300 price range.

If you want a name brand HDTV, hold off until January or mid-February 2014. The newer models don't hit the market until mid-January 2014. So retailers will be clearing their shelves of the 2013 models and that means better prices.

Laptops are always a great buy during the month of November and during the entire Black Friday season especially on AMD based processor laptops.

Some websites to help keep your pulse on top of the deals during the Black Friday season:

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