BEST buys at Valley grocery stores this week

Don't go broke buying food this week. Get your first glimpse of what will be on sale this week at Valley grocery stores.


You can score some savings on California navel oranges this week at Sprouts. They have them on sale, four pounds for $1. If you need some large tomatoes you can buy them at Sprouts this week for $.49 per pound.

Sprouts Farmer's Market also has a huge grand opening happening on February 13th. Their newest location is at 16th street and Glendale. The store will open at 7 a.m. and they will be giving away tons of stuff to celebrate. One of the giveaways is the first 200 people to come by on Grand Opening day will score a bag of groceries. You can read more about the deals happening at Sprouts newest location here.


Make some burgers this week, Bashas' has ground chuck on sale for $2.37 per pound and you can buy two packs at that price. Or, try some pork chops for the same price. If you want to make a home cooked meal but don't have the time, grab an already cooked rotisserie chicken at Bashas' deli for $4.99 each. Bashas' also has Braeburn apples on sale for $.69 per pound. Bashas' has their three day sale on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, if you plan on shopping any of those days, you can purchase three Hass small avocados for $.99 on those days.


Fry's has a great deal on select varieties of General Mills cereal. You can score a box of Cheerios or Lucky Charms for $1.99, then go to and download their digital coupon. This coupon is for an additional $1 off if you buy two boxes of cereal in the same transaction. You can save on eggs at Fry's, they have a dozen for $.99 and you can buy two at that price. You can buy Breyer's ice cream a 48 ounce container for $2.99 plus they have a $1 off digital coupon available making that ice cream almost guilt free. Well, not really in terms of calories. Either way you save some cash.


Albertsons has a gallon of milk on sale for $1.79 and you can buy two for that price. Have some chicken for dinner this week. Albertsons has chicken drumsticks, thighs and leg quarters sold in jumbo packs for $.99 per pound. Save on strawberries. You can buy them for $1.25 per pound with a limit of four at Albertsons this week. If you work are a First Responder, you will get 10% off of your entire food bill on Friday, February 15th at Albertsons.


You can save on a whole chicken at Food City this week. They have those chickens for $.78 per pound with a limit of two. Buy some Roma tomatoes while at Food City. You can get three pounds for $.99 and get up to six pounds at that price.


Safeway will have you saving on pork chops this week. They have them on sale for $1.99 per pound. You can also buy a gallon of milk at Safeway for $1.79 with a limit of two containers for that price.

Make sure to check you Valley grocery stores ads before heading to the store. Make sure you check your grocery store's website for additional deals and coupons.

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