'America's Cheapest Family' says it's possible to eliminate debt forever

Imagine having a house, cars and all of your credit cards paid off.

Yes, it's possible! All you need is a plan that will get rid of debt forever.

Steve and Annette Economides are known around the country as " America's Cheapest Family." 

They say it was a simple plan that allowed them to pay off their first house in nine years, pay cash for all of their cars and send their kids to college without debt.

They say the first part of your plan should be to make a list.

That means list everyone you owe money to, from the smallest amount to the largest.

Then start knocking down the debt.

Annette says, "don't worry about interest rates because you have more success if you simply knock off the smallest balance."

Of course you'll need more cash to start paying down the debt.

Steve suggests working overtime, getting a second job or looking around the house for things to liquidate.

Getting another job isn't an option for many of us, but you'd be surprised at how much cash you can make with old things lying around your home.

The Economides' say they found simple things to sale, like old textbooks that were barely used. Steve says they sold a three-year-old book for $30.

Once you have the extra cash, don't spend it; find a system that will manage your money for you and that will help you save 10-15% more.

I've been using mint.com for years to manage my money.

The couple also suggests mvelopes and they've also created their own system that you'll find on their website.

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