FlatWave Amped HD antenna: BIG deal for Smart Shoppers!

This is a special Smart Shopper Deal of the Day!

You know me; I've been trying to cut the cable cord for a while now.

I cut out the exclusive channels, the sports packages and quit purchasing movies "On Demand." But I still had to stick with the basic cable package as every antenna I'd purchase wouldn't work. I either had no channels or would receive a poor quality image.

That's all over now. I recently was sent the FlatWave Amped HD Antenna. Specifically, it was the FL5500A model by Windgard.

I opted to try it out and, yes, I was skeptical at first.

I set up the antenna, connected it to my TV and started to scan for channels. Would it work?

Two minutes later, I was shocked. It worked!

I was able to access all of the local channels and even better, the quality was phenomenal. There was an area of my house where I was not able to access channel 12. That seemed odd.

So I had to put this antenna through a second test. I moved it into another room in my home, went through the same set up requirements and hoped for the best.

No way! I had access to all of the same local channels, including channel 12, and the picture quality was crystal clear.

So what's the deal?

Normally the Amped HD Flatwave antenna costs $79. But from now until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, our Smart Shopper fans can score this antenna for $39.99. Even better? The shipping is free!

The website 1SaleADay is selling these antennas and they'll handle the shipping. Once you order, this antenna will be on its way to your home within two weeks.

If you want this exclusive deal, just go to 1saleaday.com/smartshopper to submit your order.

Each antenna comes with a one year warranty that is handled directly by Winegard. Without this deal, the best price I could find was $69, but most places sold it for $79.

I also want to alert you that the site is having another sale on a similar antenna for $24.99 right now.

Some details on it... it is refurbished and only comes with a 90-day warranty. The one I mentioned is $15 more, brand new and comes with a one year warranty.

Also, I haven't tried out the $24.99 antenna, so I can't vouch that it works as well. Either way, I spoke to the folks from 1saleaday.com, and they said if you'd prefer the refurbished antenna, they will let you cancel your order and you can buy the one you want.

So you have choices, Smart Shoppers! You can buy either of the antennas all day today!

Go to 1saleaday.com to buy the refurbished or go to 1saleaday.com/smartshopper to buy the new one at $39.99.

Bottom line, the right hand did not speak to the left hand at 1saleaday.com.

Below is the email we received from 1saleaday regarding the antenna deal:

Dear SmartShoppers,

It has come to our attention that aside from the SmartShopper promotion we are also offering the Winegard FL-5500C today on our Main tab for $24.99.


Please note the important differences between the SmartShopper deal and our Main tab deal:

The Main tab deal is a Factory Refurbished unit and carries a 90 day warranty.

The SmartShopper deal is a New unit and carries a 1 year warranty.


If you would like to purchase the refurbished antenna you can do so at: 1SaleADay.com/RefurbAntenna

If you would like to cancel your order please email PremiumSupport@1SaleADay.com with your order number and the words "cancel" in the subject line.


We sincerely apologize for any confusion this may have caused and look forward to assisting you.

From 1saleaday.com

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