2013 Thanksgiving: Which store offers cheapest pre-made Thanksgiving Day dinner?

Cooking a Thanksgiving meal can be time consuming and expensive. That's why grocery stores around the valley are making it easy with their pre-made Thanksgiving meals. So I did the work to see which store will give you the best deal.
We priced a typical dinner, which includes a 10 to 13-pound turkey, two sides, gravy, rolls and, of course, dessert.
Albertsons at first seemed like they were toward the top of the list when it cames to price. Their traditional turkey meal will cost you $46.99. But it doesn't include the pie. Add an 8-inch frozen pie and their total meal will cost you about $53.
Safeway was a little less at $49.99 for their turkey meal, which includes a pie, plus they throw in a little bonus... cranberry sauce.
Fry's also had a huge selection of dinners to choose from, including gluten free Thanksgiving dinners, plus they list all of their ingredients. Add a pie to the express turkey meal at Fry's and you'll pay $48.99. Also, if you order your meal online you'll get $5 off through November 15.
Still Bashas' is offering a cheaper turkey meal for $47.99 and it includes the cranberry sauce and an 8-inch apple or pumpkin pie.
But Food City got the top spot charging $37.99 for their traditional turkey meal, and it also includes the cranberry sauce and pie.
All of these meals come pre-cooked. That means you just need to heat it up. If you plan on ordering a meal, order soon. Most stores are accepting orders until they run out.
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