$2 Fabric Store offers huge savings in Phoenix

A new store in the Valley just recently opened up, offering fabric for a smoking deal.

The $2 Fabric Store is a new place on the northwest corner of 19th Avenue and Thunderbird.

Susan from Surprise sent me an email informing me of this new store. 

The $2 Fabric Store is the outlet store for Home Fabrics. If you have ever shopped at Home Fabrics, you know they already have some great prices. But now you can head to their outlet store and save even more.

Susan met me at the store last week to share with me some of her deal finds. Her favorite part of the store is their $1 wall.

The $1 wall has fabric for sale for as cheap as $1 per yard, which is an amazing deal but you have to buy the whole bolt.

You still get some incredible savings. If the bolt has 5 yards of fabric left, your price is just $5 because it is a $1 per yard.

Also in the back part of the store, they have more fabrics which are their lighter fabrics and can be used for making clothes like scrubs or curtains.

Most items in that section are just $1.50 per yard. If you want to redo your patio furniture, they sell outdoor fabric and most of the fabric was just $5 per yard compared to $12 per yard.  

The $2 Fabric Store is a no frills fabric store. Most of their fabrics are priced around $2 per yard, but some fabrics can be higher.

The most expensive I saw was $5 per yard, but their inventory changes. A lot of the fabric they sell is upholstery and d├ęcor fabrics.

They do sell some lighter fabrics that can be used for clothes, and they have outdoor fabrics.

The $2 Fabric Store only sells fabric and no buttons, threads, patterns or anything else, just phenomenally priced fabrics.

All items sold are sold as is. You can't return them.

$2 Fabric Store
1911 W. Thunderbird Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85023

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