Yuhnke Tech Check: Bluetooth accessory 'SwingTip' syncs your smartphone with your golf swing

SwingTip helps you see swing path, speed & more

PHOENIX - Golf is not an easy sport. In fact, it can be one of the most frustrating sports in the world. Kathy Stelter is visiting the Valley from Buffalo and knows how challenging it can be.

"I like to play, I love the courses, I like to be outside. I'm not a good golfer. I'm trying to learn," said Stelter as she worked with an instructor at Raven Golf Club in Phoenix.  
New technology and new tools are taking training high-tech. SwingTip is a small bluetooth device that clips to your golf club, just under the grip, and syncs with your smartphone. Swing and the information is immediately transferred to your Android smartphone or iPhone. It shows your upswing and downswing path, club face angle, the impact zone of the club head, your temp and speed.  
Jeff Ritter is an instructor at Raven Golf Club and also working with the company that makes SwingTip.
"With one swing you can see what the path is doing, what the face is doing, where the ball struck the face. You can also see tempo and swing speed and that's really what golfers need," explained Ritter.
Ritter says understanding what you're doing is the key to making changes to become a better golfer.
"Even though you can see the ball fly, most golfers don't really understand the conditions that were creating that flight itself," said Ritter.
All of that swing information is also uploaded from your smartphone to the SwingTip website so you can see what you're doing over a long period of time. The app and site also include training information to help you improve your swing.  

In my tests, the SwingTip was simple to align to the club, simple to connect to the phone and simple to use. It provided immediate feedback seconds after I finished my swing. I could see it being a great tool at the range, on the course and even in your backyard.  

There were a few times when I totally topped the bal,l but SwingTip seemed to think I hit the "sweet spot" on my club. Clearly, that wasn't the case.

SwingTip isn't perfect but from my tests it seemed to be a fun tool for understanding what you're doing when you swing that club.
At $130 it isn't cheap, but in the world of golf, nothing is. This might be the perfect gift for the golfer in your life who could use a little extra help.
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