Mars One Project: Colonization applications fall short

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all, how about over 35 million miles away? Applicant numbers for a spot on the mission to colonize Mars have fallen quite short and there is still time to apply, says.

The nonprofit group, Mars One, plans to have four colonists on the planet in April 2023. Then every two years after four more would join the group, in marshmallow-looking bubbles that hold the colony.

The plan includes six colony flights and future supply ship missions to support the colony, says.

Mars One plans to fund the first six billion dollar voyage through the application fee potential colonists have to pay. Based on where you're living that could be up to 75 dollars.

With an average fee of 25 dollars 200,000 applicants will raise about five million dollars. That leaves a gap of 35,000 applicants to apply before the August 31 deadline.

Find out more about the project by reading the whole story here.

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