iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 release date: New iPhone to come in gold?

The newest version of the iPhone may be getting a golden makeover.

While previously only available in black and white -- or "slate" and "silver" for the iPhone 5 -- the upcoming edition will reportedly be available in gold, according to Techcrunch.com .

Columnist and Apple expert MG Siegler cites multiple sources who confirm the rumor, and points to iMore editor Rene Richie as another iPhone aficionado who is also anticipating a golden upgrade .

The color addition will not be the only thing changing about the iPhone 5S -- the phone's rumored moniker, which has not been officially confirmed.

The latest iPhone will also reportedly be equipped with a fingerprint scanner .

All Things D, the Wall Street Journal-affiliated tech blog that has a solid track record for reporting inside Apple information, has previously reported the newest iPhone will be revealed on September 10 .

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