iPhone 5C on sale for $50 at Best Buy

It pays to wait!

If you haven't purchased an iPhone 5C yet, Best Buy is now selling the popular device for just $50.

According to ABC News, the phone will be on sale October 3-7.

Best Buy says customers will get a $50 gift card with the phone which they can apply to the $99 device bringing the price down to $50.

Corporate officials say the special deal is designed to drive traffic to specific products.

Walmart and Target also offered discounts on the hot gadget. Both retailers launched the phone at $80, $20 off Apple's price.

Many wonder why the higher end iPhone 5S isn't on sale too.

Some analysts believe it's because the demand is higher for the 5S which is still sold out at many locations.

Apple would not comment on the Best Buy Discount. The company claims it sold 9 million iPhones in the opening weekend, but did not identify the breakdown of sales for each model.




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