Blackberry Z10: Will it bring Blackberry back or will it play out extended demise? (Yuhnke Blog)

Smartphone pioneer making one last push

PHOENIX - The Blackberry is back! Or is it?

The Canucks who helped invent the business smartphone category are trying to climb their way back into a market they once owned. 

Before the iPhone, Blackberrys were the de-facto standard smartphone for anyone who was serious about mobile email. 

These days, you'd be hard pressed to even find someone still carrying a Blackberry.

Is Blackberry's new lineup enough to put the company back in the game?

Maybe. There's no question that Blackberry is doing a lot of things right with the new Blackberry OS 10 and 2 new phones, the Q10 and the Z10.  

The operating system is entirely new, designed for a touchscreen world. 

Features like time shift in the camera, Peek, hub and flow for multi-tasking like a mad man and some of the other unique OS improvements are radically different and great new ideas.  

Video messaging looks solid and Blackberry claims the app store will be loaded with apps when the phones go on sale. 

On top of the improvements to Blackberry OS, the hardware looks solid. It's backed with dual-core power and looks sexy while having that expected Blackberry professional look. 

So what's the problem?

The problem is, it's 2013. iPhone and Android have taken over the market.

Windows Phone is struggling to push its way in. There's very little room on the playing field for Blackberry and there definitely isn't any room at the top. 

On top of that, Blackberry mindset is gone. If anything, Blackberry has become a bit of a sad tale. A gadget of the past. A punchline to some.

Does Blackberry have a chance? Sure. There is still a small devoted fan base that will clearly buy the new Z10 on launch.  

Some businesses still haven't moved on to iPhone or Android and will be thrilled to see a new option from Blackberry.  

On top of that, they have put together what appears to be a solid phone with a slick new operating system. 

Nonetheless, breaking back into a market they once dominated might prove to be impossible no matter how much money, technology or amazing programmers a company has behind them. 

Call Palm, maybe they can give you some pointers on how to avoid the sad ending that they went through.

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