Asteroid approaching Earth, but scientists say not to worry

PHOENIX - An asteroid is blazing across the Universe toward Earth. It's about the size of a football stadium and is set to skim past our planet Friday, February 15, 2013.

However, University of Arizona professor Dante Lauretta says while the space object will get pretty close, it's not a countdown to doomsday.

The asteroid will fly inside the ring of weather and communications satellites, but NASA has been tracking its orbit and says there's no chance of it hitting earth.

Unfortunately, Arizona residents won't be able to see this fly-by as it's expected to pass Earth in the middle of the day and is too small to observe with the naked eye.

However, NASA researchers will be watching and studying the asteroid as it make its record close approach.

Scientists from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University are teaming up for another asteroid exploration in 2016. The mission is called Osiris-Rex and the asteroid is much larger than the one passing this week. Researchers will fly to the asteroid to explore it and try to understand its properties. They hope to better pinpoint its track as well so they can plan ahead and hopefully rule out any future potential impact with Earth.

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