Valley soldier's family forced from home after lease not re-signed

SURPRISE, AZ - House hunting is never easy, and it can be more difficult when your husband is serving overseas.

"He left a year ago at the beginning of February," says Rachel Rodgers referring to her husband Paul, a lieutenant colonel. "They actually got to Afghanistan in April."

LTC Rodgers has served his country for more than 25 years. He's missed Christmas, all major holidays, even birthdays. His wife Rachel and five children miss him dearly.

"It's not just a year without our dad or without our husband, it's a year worrying about our dad and our husband - it's a different dynamic, because it's scary."

Now, the family has a new worry. The home they've been renting for three years is no longer available at in March. Their lease will not be renewed because the owners want to move back in.

"I said, ‘is there any way that you can ask them if we can just have a few extra weeks or a month?'" said Rodgers. "And I got an immediate answer that ‘nope we can't'".

Paul will be home in just a few weeks. The stress of the job is no doubt on his mind. "They're always on guard they have to constantly be ready for action," says his wife. "It just broke my heart I couldn't stand to think about him having to worry about finding a house and all that other stuff that goes with moving."

While the family searches for a new home, Rachel hopes others remember military families in similar situations. "They're usually pretty independent, and they're not going to ask for help, but there's so many ways people can help."

The property owners say the Rodgers' families have been great tenants and they're helping them find a new place. Rachel's already looked at a few rental properties, but still no decisions.

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