Mosquito problem grows out of control in Surprise neigborhood

SURPRISE, AZ - Mosquitoes are out in full force in one West Valley neighborhood, making it nearly impossible to go outside.

Carol Colvin and her two grandsons were playing outside their home in Surprise when they noticed they were getting bit.

"They got me and my grandsons all over. It's pretty bad," Colvin said.

Three years ago, residents in this same area complained of a similar mosquito infestation. Neighbors believe it was coming from a number of places.

"It could be from the golf courses or lakes nearby," said Dee Reid.

Maricopa County had to come out on two different occasions to get rid of the problem. Colvin said they are desperately needed again.

"This can be dangerous, especially with the risk of the West Nile virus. We don't want any of our kids or elderly people catching this," Colvin said.

Maricopa County urges residents to contact them immediately if a mosquito infestation is in their neighborhood. Go to to file a complaint or schedule a spray for your neighborhood.

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