Valley woman remembers JFK assassination

SUN CITY, AZ - Fifty years ago, our nation lost one of its most beloved presidents. John F. Kennedy, assassinated on the streets of Dallas. A Sun City woman, working in Texas at the time, had a unique view of the tragic events.

"November 22, 1963." Margaret Thompson read the date on the front page of the paper. A day forever etched into her memory. "And it was too horrible to comprehend."

Margaret worked on the 8th floor of Braniff International Airways, just four blocks from Love Field. "His plane was coming in we all looked out the window," she recalled.

But that would be the last time, she'd see the president alive. Her 15-year-old son called after the shooting. "He told me they were talking him to Parkland Hospital which is the county hospital in Dallas." After the news, she gathered with co-workers and watched out the window after learning that Kennedy had died.

"I mean we were all very shocked and horrified that anyone would kill, you know shoot the president. It was very quiet at the time when we saw his casket being put on the plane, because we just didn't think it was true."

The event also brings back the memory of her son who called that day. Killed in a car accident the following year. A memory, all tied to November 22, 1963. "I will never forget," said Thompson.

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