MCSO: Arizona homeowner shoots intruder

SUN CITY, AZ - The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has taken a man into custody who they believe is suspected of a home invasion in Sun City.

According to Officer Christopher Hegstrom, MCSO received a call around 2:00 a.m. on Friday morning about a home invasion taking place near Peoria and 111th Avenues.

MCSO says the suspect, 33-year-old Joshua Barnes, was armed when he entered the home.

But he picked the wrong home to mess with. The homeowner, Dave Sobley is an armed Maricopa County Sheriff posse member.

"I met him in the hallway after I heard the yelling coming from my wife's room. He shoved me backwards and caused me to knock things off the nick-nack shelf. At that point that's when he told me to get on the floor or he said, "I'll kill ya,"" said Sobley.

When Barnes walked away, Sobley went back to his bedroom for a loaded revolver. Sobley's wife Audrey heard one single gun shot.

"I did not know who was shot. I did not, and my heart stopped. My heart stopped until I heard his voice," said Audrey Sobley.

The Sobley's were escorted out of their house by police and began the hunt for the intruder. Later that morning, Brian Smalley, a serviceman at a nearby golf course, spotted Barnes near his truck.

"He looked distraught and he was looking like he was in a hurry to get out of there ... that's why I thought he was going to take something out of the truck because he was walking real fast," said Smalley.

A homeowner nearby called 911 and deputies swooped in to get their man.

Air15 flew over the scene and showed officials loading Barnes into an ambulance near 111th Avenue and Mountain View Road.

Officials say Barnes was only wearing blue jeans and a blonde wig when he allegedly broke into the Sun City home.

Neighbors say they're not shocked the homeowner was armed because in their neighborhood everyone is armed and ready.

"And the ones that don't like guns, we have a lot of widowed women who live by themselves, we take care of them, check on them all the time," said neighbor Walter Ready.

Barnes was shot in the hand and neck. He was taken to a nearby hospital to recover from his injuries.

Barnes is facing charges of 2 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, 2 countsof  kidnapping-apprehension of of injury, and 1 count of 1st degree burglary.

Officials said a photo of Barnes is unavailable at this time.



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