Driver loses control of car on way to hospital, hits several Sun City cars, homes

SUN CITY, AZ - Authorities say an elderly man suffered only minor injuries when he lost control of his vehicle and hit several homes while trying to drive himself to the hospital.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, the driver told fire crews he was looking for the hospital when the accidents occurred near 103rd and Peoria avenues early Monday morning.

The driver reportedly hit two vehicles parked in driveways and a block column in front of a home, went through another front yard, knocking out a porch railing then hit a van at a third home.

Rosemary Lynch's house was one of the first to be hit. The driver took out two brick posts holding up her carport, damaged both her cars and left a trail of debris.

"I was scared to come out and look at first. I have never seen anything like this before. It is mind boggling," said Lynch.

Lynch's son came to help stabilize the carport with wooden beams, and take her cars in for an estimate. The biggest challenge to fix was replacing a broken water pipe that shut off all the water to her home. Despite the damage, Lynch is grateful no one else was hurt.

"I can't believe it. I walked all along the street to check and everyone was okay. Now it's time to work on fixing things," said Lynch.

Sheriff's spokesman Joaquin Enriquez said a fire department crew watched the whole scene unfold. He said the driver, who is in his 80s, ultimately went through five yards before he was stopped.

Enriquez said it hasn't been confirmed, but fire crews told deputies the vehicle was traveling about 100 mph.

The driver was transported to the hospital with a medical condition. Enriquez says the man is in stable condition.

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