Valley teen Zane Childress has pickup truck, hope restored

PEORIA, AZ - A group of retirees is making a difference in one Valley teen's life.

Just in time for his 16th birthday, Zane Childress got the keys to his dream car – a 1972 Chevy pickup truck.

A year ago Zane was fighting for his life after doctors discovered he had cancerous tumors.

"Every three weeks Zane would have to be hospitalized for three days undergoing his chemo," Zane's mom, Michelle Childress, said.

Zane's dream was to one day drive his truck, a gift from his dad, but the car was in such bad shape he'd all but given up.

A group of retired mechanics learned of Zane's story and knew they had to help.

"When our guys first looked at it there wasn't a carburetor on it, the brakes were no good, the radiator had a hole in it," said Herb Clark with the Automotive Restoration Club of Sun City West.

Freddy Hernandez installed the air conditioning. His son died of brain cancer in 2006.

"Every day this week that I worked on it I thought about him," Hernandez said.

The Automotive Restoration Club of Sun City West plans to continue donating their services to those in need for free.

Zane's car runs like new, his latest tests came back cancer free, and life never looked better for this Valley teen.

Now that Zane's truck is street legal, Make-A-Wish has stepped in and promised to give the vehicle all the bells and whistles any teenage boy would love to have.

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