Scuba diving lessons help people overcome their fears

PEORIA - Scuba diving enthusiasts are taking to the deep waters right in the middle of the desert to help them cope with their fears. People are learning to scuba dive in the indoor pool at Scuba Professionals of Arizona.

It's where Susan Dougherty practices her scuba skills, but she wasn't always comfortable underwater. She had a fear of water because of a near drowning experience when she was only six years old. So when her husband suggested they learn how to scuba dive, she was a bit uneasy about the idea.

That was a few months ago, now, Susan glides through the water like a seasoned diver. It's thanks to the help of her instructors at Scuba Professionals of Arizona.

Instructor Tina Lowe says anyone can learn to dive and overcome their fears of being deep below the water's surface. In fact, they're offering a chance to try scuba diving for free in honor of Mother's Day.

Next Saturday, women can learn the basics of scuba diving. To reserve your spot, you just need to sign up for a session.

Scuba Professionals of Arizona is located at 9299 W. Olive, Ave. in Peoria.

Dougherty hopes to take her new found skills to do some underwater exploration in other parts of the world.

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