Peoria police partner with local cab company to help watch out for crime

PEORIA, AZ - Police also send out monthly newsletters telling drivers about crime trends in certain areas, so they know what they're getting into when called to different locations. Both sides say it's a win-win.

"If I can help them be more aware, help them be better witnesses, then they won't get themselves in a bad spot," says Commander Kenneth Gentry.
"Putting our drivers at risk, putting the public at risk, you know it helps us become more involved with the local community and just trying to keep people safe, that's the number one game," said Steven Hoffenberg, a recruiter with AAA Yellow Cab.
In the future, police hope to have the technology to send information to cab drivers depending on their location.  
That way, if there's a bank robbery at a certain intersection the information would go out to nearby cabs.  
It could also work with license plate information on a stolen car or one involved in an amber alert.
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