Peoria police identify 2 suspects in church parking lot burglaries

PEORIA, AZ - Peoria police arrested two people in connection to a string of burglaries including stealing garage door openers from church-goers' cars and using them to gain access to the owners' homes.

A report from the Peoria Police Department identified the suspects as Daniel Grant, 39, and Nicole Ericson, 27. 

Grant and Ericson allegedly stole garage door openers and vehicle registration from church-goers' cars while they attended services, according to Peoria Police Lt. Richard Scrivens Jr.

The suspects proceeded to locate the victims' homes by the address provided on their vehicle registration.

According to Scrivens, they used the garage door openers to access the homes. 

Grant and Ericson supposedly tracked the service times, so they knew how long they could spend in the homes.

According to the report, they are responsible for dozens of burglaries across the West Valley including Sun City, Peoria, Glendale and Phoenix.

The suspects were located in Phoenix on June 24, according to the Monday news release.

Peoria police spokeswoman Amanda Jacinto said other jurisdictions needed to complete their investigations into these crimes before releasing the suspects' names.

They were taken into custody after struggling with officers and face multiple counts of residential and vehicle burglary.

It is not yet confirmed whether Ericson is the woman suspected of using a stolen credit card from one of the homes in June.

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