Peoria church finds temporary home after fire burns through strip mall

PEORIA, AZ - A church in Peoria held Sunday service less than a week after a fire in a strip mall closed down their facility.

The New Life Worship Center at 99th and Peoria avenues is blocked with a chain link fence after a fire burned the beauty school next door. The church was spared most of the damage other than from smoke.

Authorities are treating the fire as an arson case after three gas cans were found in the parking lot.

In less than a week filled with hopes and prayers, church members found another place to hold Sunday service. 

It was held in a large, vacant room in the same strip mall as their original church. 

Members and the pastor seem to like this spot better.

"Just wait and see what the Lord has planned and maybe it will fit our needs," said Bob Kassin who is a long time church member.

The new church needs some love and comes with a higher rent price but it also has a better sound system and sits in a more highly visible spot that might attract new members to pay the higher rent that comes with it.

"We're just happy for what God provided and what this new place might mean for us," said church member Rance Kinser.

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