Mountain lion causes trouble in northwest Valley

PEORIA, AZ - Peoria police shot and killed a young mountain lion at the outer edges of the city Tuesday night.

The big cat first appeared at the back door of a home near 89th Avenue and Lake Pleasant Road.

"He showed no fear at all," said Rebekah Coleman who shot video of the lion looking in her back door.

"He had with big ears, saucer sized paws and empty green eyes," said Rebekah.

He was also very skinny. Rebekah thinks he was looking for a quick bite to eat. "I think he was ready to do whatever it took to find a meal," she said.

After a few minutes of staring through the door, the mountain lion leaped an 8-foot fence like an Olympic athlete into Rebekah's neighbors' yard.

When police arrived they say the mountain lion tried to flee into the mountains and an officer shot and killed it.

Arizona Game and Fish took the dead animal away.

A few residents said they did not think killing the cat was necessary, knowing that they live in an area where this kind of visit might happen.

Many said they've seen several bobcats in the area, but never a mountain lion.

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