PD: Goodyear man Eugene Maraventano allegedly killed wife over HIV scare

GOODYEAR, AZ - A man accused of killing his wife and son in their Goodyear home told investigators he stabbed them because he was afraid he'd given his wife a sexually transmitted disease and that his son must be handicapped.

Eugene Maraventano told police detectives he had been with prostitutes while working in New York and felt that he may have "contracted HIV or other diseases and passed them onto his wife Janet."

Maraventano, 64, said that about two weeks before he called 911 on April 6, he had decided to kill Janet but changed his mind, according to court documents. Before that, he said he had considered buying a gun but chose a knife saying "I'm not a violent person."

Janet was ill, Maraventano told detectives, and he was afraid she would test positive for cancer or something he gave her.

He allegedly attacked Janet with a kitchen knife while she was sleeping, according to documents.

Maraventano said he thought about committing suicide but then killed his son, Bryan, because he didn't know what would happen to the 27-year-old because he plays video games all day and doesn't have a job or girlfriend. He said he thought his son must be handicapped, according to documents.

Maraventano allegedly knocked on his son's bedroom door and stabbed him twice when he opened the door.

The suspect told a detective he tried to kill himself several different ways including cutting his wrist, suffocating himself with a plastic bag by taping it to his face, and placing a knife handle against the wall and pushing himself into it.

The medical examiner determined that Janet and Bryan had been dead for several days at the time Maraventano called 911.

Maraventano faces two counts of first-degree murder.

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