Valley community rallies to get Alyssa Jarome new special needs tricycle

GLENDALE, AZ - Many people in the Valley are taking action to help a young girl after her special needs tricycle was stolen from her home in Glendale.

ABC15 spoke to her mom Friday about the outpouring of support to help make her daughter smile again.

"I'm excited. I just didn't expect anything," said Shari Yares,

She added that when she told people about her daughter Alyssa's stolen special needs tricycle, she only wanted to get it back.

She said, "I didn't think people would really respond that way."

What she got was so much more. "I started getting phone calls and text messages from people saying that they wanted to help."

Complete strangers who were moved by Alyssa's story.

Shari set up an account for people who want to help and so far, more than two thousand dollars has been donated. And she got more great news.

The Suzy Foundation said they would like to purchase Alyssa a new bike.

The Suzy Foundation helps families with special needs children pay for unexpected costs.

Foundation President Jaime Arredondo said, "You may think that it's just a bicycle but its not, it's especially for our special needs kids. And that equipment and everything adds up. I can feel her pain."

Shari says she'll donate the money raised in her account to the Suzy Foundation. And that she's incredibly grateful for the community's generosity.             

"It really warms your heart to know that one person did something bad but all these people are really stepping in to help," she said.

To donate to Alyssa's account, you can visit her website.


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