'The sequester': Arizona items on the chopping block

GLENDALE, AZ - You've probably heard a lot about "the sequester," th e automatic budget cuts set to start on Friday if federal lawmakers don't agree on a deal.

Here's a  breakdown of exactly how Arizona would be affected :

I f the President and Congress don't intervene, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said national security is at risk and 5,000 border patrol agents would have to go.

That's just the tip of the iceberg for potential Arizona losses. More than $ 17 million for K-12 schools and hundreds of jobs could be lost. T en thousand civilian military employees could be forced to take furloughs. We're told a ccess to child care for hundreds of disadvantaged children and $ 132,000 for domestic violence victims would be cut. Also, both Glendale Municipal Airport and Phoenix Goodyear Airport are among a long list of smaller airports across the country that would be forced to close their control towers.

Gov. Jan Brewer said she's counting on the president to make all of this go away by deadline.

" The deal was done and he made the deal and now he should do his job and get us out of this mess," Brewer said.

If there's no action taken there will be $85 billion in cuts nationwide.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake said the President is actually pushing a worst case scenario to pressure Congress into a deal, which avoids any serious cutbacks.

"I think the administration has exaggerated the impact of the sequester. They have more flexibility than they are letting on. Some of these furloughs they're talking about, the job loss, it doesn't have to happen. There are other areas that can be cut," Flake said.

Flake said he doesn't like where these cuts are coming from, especially because Arizona gets hit hard with big reductions in defense spending. But he actually favors the sequester, rather than doing nothing at all.

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