Teen uses law enforcement training to help officers track down would-be burglars

A Glendale teen pursuing a career in law enforcement did her own detective work to help police catch two crooks.
In early November, Rebecca (last name withheld), 17, was home alone while her parents attended Faith Bible Church. After the service was over, they noticed someone had broken into their car, stole their registration which included their address, and also took the garage door opener. They immediately called Rebecca and told her to lock the house and not answer the door.
Sure enough, two guys backed into their driveway and Rebecca said they started pounding on the door several times to see if someone was home. "I wrote down their description and their license plate and vehicle information," she said. "I was scared, but I knew I had to get the information." 
Rebecca is a member of the Glendale Police Department's Explorer program which mentors and helps those ages 14-20 pursue a career in law enforcement.
She said the men tried opening up the garage door at the same time her parents were pulling up to the house. Her dad, then followed the car and took down more information to give to police. Officers put a surveillance team on the two guys who were found a couple weeks later breaking into another car in Sun City, also in a church parking lot.
Police say Gerardo Ramirez and Jason Wortman were charged with three counts of attempted residential burglary and two counts of vehicle burglary.
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