Teen home invasion suspects crash car into Glendale home

GLENDALE, AZ - Two 16-year olds are facing a series of charges after an overnight crime spree that nearly killed a Glendale woman in her own home.
On Monday around 5:00 a.m., a car crashed through the wall of a home near 47th Avenue and Northern. A woman was sleeping in the room and the car hit her bedpost and sent debris flying.
"I heard a boom and there was a hissing noise and dust," she said. The woman asked to only be identified by her first name "Joanie."
Glendale Police Sgt. Brent Coombs said that the two teens in the car were involved in a home invasion a few blocks away right before the crash.

He tells ABC15 that the two were armed and possibly entered the home through an open window. The two held three people inside the home at gunpoint and then took several items before leaving.
Coombs said as the teens were walking back to the car, the victims called police.  As the suspects were leaving, an officer was pulling into the neighborhood and spotted a suspicious car that turned out to be the suspect's car. The teens crashed as they were trying to get away.
Coombs said the pair may have been involved in several other car break-ins earlier and the car they crashed was stolen.
The two teens are being treated for minor injuries and are facing several felony charges.
Joanie tells ABC15 that while she is happy she is not injured, she is very upset because the hassle and cost of this incident will linger on.

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