Super Bowl goal: Lure big business to Arizona

GLENDALE, AZ - Everyone knows the next Super Bowl will be played in Glendale and you'll certainly hear more and more about it, but you may not know there's a plan to use the game to lure businesses to Arizona with the game.

"We're such a great place to do business and to show why we're so pro-business and really using the Super Bowl to create economic value and be the catalyst for sustained business growth and success, that's what gets me excited for our state," said Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee CEO Jay Parry.

Parry, in a sit down interview with ABC15, explained the potential long term benefits to Arizona while hosting the Super Bowl in Glendale next year.

"The fact that we're going to have opportunity to basically be a commercial for Arizona gets me really excited," said Parry.

The estimated economic impact from the Super Bowl in 2008 in the Valley was $500 million.

Some believe next year's game and the events could generate more than $600 million.

Previously, Glendale city leaders expressed concern the city was left out of major events leading up to the game.

"Glendale is going to be the focus on the day of the Super Bowl and that involves a lot of hospitality as well as an enormous amount of media personnel, so that being the epicenter of game day for Super Bowl is an enormous opportunity," said Parry from her Scottsdale office. "We want to work with Glendale and showcase them just as we would other communities in the Valley."

In New York, previous Super Bowl fans experienced the Super Bowl Boulevard which spanned 14-blocks of events.

Parry said fans should expect a similar large scale event in downtown Phoenix that is free and geared towards fans and families.

"We are working with the City of Phoenix now to figure out how we can create this fan campus and make it better than the Super Bowl has seen before," said Parry.

She also explained the Super Bowl host committee is looking for volunteers who would be in place at events, parties, airports and possibly the game itself.

"Just over the weekend we had a great response and had about 1,000 volunteers sign up and by the end of it all we'd like to have about eight to 10,000," said Parry.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer, visit the Host Committee's website.

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