Super Bowl 2015 preps underway in the Valley and you can help

It's not just a game, it's an event.

More like a weeks' worth of events leading up to the Super Bowl in Glendale next year.

The last time the Valley hosted the Super Bowl in 2008, the estimated economic impact was $500 million.

Many will tell you they believe most of that money impacted cities like Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tempe with Glendale missing out on the big pay day.

In fact, according to the City of Glendale, it lost about $2 million in money used to fund the massive security teams needed in and around University of Phoenix Stadium.

Now, Arizona House Majority Leader David Gowan is expected to introduce a bill that would reimburse Glendale for security costs relating the Super Bowl.

However, some legislators like House Minority Leader Chad Campbell have expressed concern over the issue.

"How is that money being used, where it is going, what is it actually going to be applied to, I may be supportive, I may not," said Campbell during a news conference Monday. "As a whole Glendale has a lot of issues that we have to go in and take a look at before we give them any more money right now to be honest."

The 2015 Super Bowl in Glendale, according to some estimates, could have a $600 million economic in the Valley.

Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee CEO Jay Parry spent the week in the New York area observing what that area did to lure fans.

"We've been here really as a scouting report to look at all sorts of things from events to entertainment to logistics," said Parry in an interview with ABC15.

Parry said fans and Valley residents will experience a "Super Bowl Boulevard" which was a huge hit in New York that included several blocks of free events.

Security and communication will also be critical which was extremely detailed in the New York area for the Super Bowl.

Parry is confident Arizona will be ready, but admits there is work to do.

"There's so much planning and preparation that goes into an event such as the Super Bowl and there's a lot of collaboration with all public safety agencies."

The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee is also looking for volunteers to help with the large crowds and events.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, you can visit their website.

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