Special needs tricycle stolen from Glendale home

GLENDALE, AZ - Alyssa Jarome, 6, is like a lot of children her age. She likes to play around and ride her bike.

"When I got up to take Alyssa to her therapy, that's when I noticed something's missing."

Alyssa's mother Shari Yares says Alyssa's special needs tricycle was stolen right from their garage in Glendale late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

Shari says, "It's pretty much her only sense of freedom because she feels like she's doing it herself."

Alyssa suffered a traumatic brain injury as a baby and is legally blind.       

"It's just really sad that somebody would take something that belongs to a child who actually has special needs and needs it," said Shari choking back tears.

This particular tricycle normally sells for thousands of dollars, but Shari got it for just $350 through an exchange program.

Shari says Alyssa "definitely enjoys riding it."

She's put up flyers all around her neighborhood in hopes someone will recognize it and return it.

"If anybody sees the bike or sees it around, we are offering a $50 reward to have the bike returned to us so she can continue to benefit from it."

An account has also been set up for anyone wanting to help: Gofundme.com/6AIL88.

The family says they have filed a police report.

If anyone has information on the tricycle, contact Shari at 623- 238-9569.

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