Jose Magana rescues family trapped by Glendale house fire

GLENDALE, AZ - A Glendale man is being called a hero after saving a woman and her two children from a house fire Monday.

Jose Magana was watching a movie with his nephews when they heard their neighbor screaming for help from her patio.

"I came out (to the backyard) and I noticed that the family was right there in that balcony," said Magana.

And that's when Magana's superhero adventure started.

He jumped over his backyard fence to try and save his neighbor and her two kids, ages two and 12, from a burning house fire. 

"I seen the flames, they couldn't go nowhere."

"I don't remember what I was thinking. I was just trying to help them out," said Magana

The first task was to save the two-year-old. 

"Saying save my baby, save my baby," said Magana, quoting the girl's mother, Terri Richardson.

"I said 'just drop your baby and let me know when you're going to drop her in my hands,'" said Magana.

"He better catch her, he better catch her," said Richardson.

The toddler landed safely into Magana's arms, but he still had to save Richardson and her 12-year-old from the fire. 

That's when he asked his three nephews, all under the age of 12, to help out. 

"That's when I was yelling to them to give me the ladder," said Magana. 

"We knew we had to get it to him quick," said one of his nephews. 

Magana used the ladder to help them down from the second floor to safety. No one was injured and the mother is more than thankful. 

"I was just acting on impulse I think. I wasn't scared, I was just trying to help the family out," said Magana.

"You guys really did save us, like, seriously. And I want to thank you so much," said Richardson. 

"I just felt like maybe I couldn't breathe. I never left the second floor because I couldn't. It was too intense."

"Right after we got out, that upstairs just ignited in flames. We got out in the nick of time. I'm really blessed and grateful that they were there," said Richardson.

The owner of the home plans to put the family in another one of his properties in the area. And Magana tells us that the family thanked him for everything and even bought his nephews some pizza for all their hard work.

1-800-BOARDUP, the company that boarded up the home and put up a fence, also bought Richardson a new cell phone since her other one burned in the fire. It also gave her a gift card to a nearby store to buy some clothes. 

Fire officials still don't have a cause and say the investigation could take a few weeks.

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