Group claims Glendale City Council moved funds to pay for Phoenix Coyotes

GLENDALE, AZ - There are new demands that State Attorney General Tom Horne investigate Glendale city leaders.
Civil rights advocate Jarrett Maupin and Glendale City Council members Ian Hugh and Norma Alvarez claim the city moved money around to pay for the Phoenix Coyotes illegally.

They say they have records they're turning over to the Attorney General for review that show 15 million dollars was illegally taken from funds designated for water, sewer and utilities and instead used for arena events.

The group says they talked with the Attorney General's office Thursday and told them about the alleged abuse of power.

Thursday's allegations are coming on the heels of a recent audit that  also said public money was not used appropriately.

ABC15 called the Attorney General to see if they were going to investigate city leaders and audit the city.

Their answer: no comment.

A spokeswoman for the City of Glendale says an audit of city finances that revealed the retirement problems and placed four staff members on administrative leave, made no mention of any irregularities in Coyotes dealings.

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