Family defends Gregory Johnson, who was electrocuted by transformer in Glendale

GLENDALE, AZ - The family of a man electrocuted last week is coming to his defense after his death.

Gregory Johnson, 57, was killed at a closed scrap metal yard on Thursday after he was hit with enough voltage to shutoff power to 1,400 homes.

Police say their evidence suggests Johnson was stealing copper wiring when he died. His family says police are dead wrong.

"I can't believe it really happened," said Johnson's wife Janice. She hasn't been allowed to see Johnson's body, so she said it's hard for her to believe he is really gone.

But Janice is moving forward trying to defend his honor, saying he had permission to be behind locked gates because he had been hired to clean up the area by a mystery man named Eric. 

"I saw him, and my son says he heard him (Eric) say it was OK," said Janice. "But I want to know why he (Eric) didn't tell my husband it was so dangerous back there."

Police say they believe Johnson slipped through an opening in the fence and started stealing copper wiring from a transformer box.

They also say those boxes belong to the power company and they have no knowledge of anyone being allowed in the area that day.

But Johnson's family is not going to stop. They call him a good man willing to do a dirty job to earn extra money for his family.

And they will go on defending his honor because he is no longer around to do it himself.

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