Government shutdown: Several Luke AFB workers protest government shutdown

GLENDALE, AZ - Luke Air Force Base employees out of work because of the government shutdown want their voices heard.

They held a protest outside the base in Glendale Wednesday morning.

They want our leaders in Washington to know this shutdown isn't political to them. It's real life, with real life consequences.

"You know I can't go to work, I can't help out the people I enjoy helping," said Diane Talley, an administrator at the mental health clinic.

As a civilian employee at the base, day two of the government shutdown means she's out of work for a second day.

"You know you have single moms, single dads, working out there, and they're being affected by this. It's really hurting us really bad," she said.

Diane is one of more than base 400 employees furloughed until Congress passes a budget. So Talley protested outside the base with her co-workers-- aircraft mechanics, engineers and financial analysts.

They're all worried about how they're going to pay their bills and buy groceries.

"Not having a paycheck, to support my child. That's my biggest fear," she said crying.

Without a paycheck, Diane says she can't throw her daughter a party for her 16th birthday on Monday.

"I can see the pain in her eyes. 'Cause she wanted a 16th birthday party, but she understands," Talley said.

She wonders how long she'll have to go making sacrifices like this.

"Congress went home, slept good. We're not sleeping," Talley said.

While these people are out of work, several services at the base like the commissary, youth programs and the library are shut down.

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