Glendale veteran receiving brand new home

GLENDALE, AZ - A Valley Vietnam Vet is getting a new home and a new start thanks to a program aimed at revitalizing neighborhoods.

Bob Keegan lived in a mobile home for the past 17 years near 69th Avenue and Nancy Road in Glendale.

Keegan who has been on disability for years and his partner found themselves struggling to keep up with repairs.  

The mobile home becoming so dilapidated and even dangerous to live in.

The City of Glendale is now tearing down that home and replacing it with a brand new three bedroom two bathroom manufactured home.

Using funds from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, the city is access funds that not only help residents but help rebuild neighborhoods.

The home will be destroyed this morning. Keegan and his partner are temporary staying in an apartment.

The new mobile home will be finished and ready for move-in sometime in October.

The program also helps residents clear up their financial problems.  A mortgage is calculated based on what the residents can afford based on their limited income.

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