Glendale to openly discuss casino proposed by Tohono O'odham Nation

GLENDALE, AZ - The city of Glendale has been opposed to it for years, but now the possibility of constructing a casino could become reality.

Glendale City Council members met during a workshop Tuesday where they agreed to openly discuss the casino proposed by Tohono O'odham Nation. It's a far different tone than the opposition seen by the Glendale City Council since 2009.

The casino would be built near Westgate and has the potential to bring thousands of jobs during the construction process and after completion.

"I received close to two-thousand emails from people in Glendale who want to have a casino here. We are looking into listening to both sides and getting all the hard facts," said Glendale City Council member Samuel Chavira.

 But there are still a number of people who live nearby who are opposed.

"I moved to this neighborhood to get away from the city. But now, if this casino moves in its going to bring drugs, prostitution, crime and violence," said Alex, a Glendale resident.

For the past three years, Alex has lived in a neighborhood located across the street from where the proposed casino would be. If plans move in favor of the casino, Alex is planning to take drastic measures to avoid living next to it.

"We will move to the North Valley. I just don't want my kids being exposed to that stuff," said Alex.

The casino faces other federal challenges. The U.S. House passed a bill last month that would prevent more casinos from opening on reservation land in the Phoenix area. The senate has not yet taken up the measure.

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