Glendale police refute claims of rampant crime in one neighborhood

GLENDALE, AZ - After burglars broke into Josh Marshall's backyard and stole his bicycle, the husband and father of two heightened his exterior wall and put new locks on his back gate.

"We raised our fence two cinder block levels," Marshall said. "We have two small children. Pretty soon they're going to be going to school, and we don't want them to go to school here. We want to get out."

Marshall's wife's family has lived in the same home off West Orangewood Avenue in Glendale for nearly 30 years. But he says even all those fond memories (and a new cement wall) can't make him stick around any longer.

"We want to move. We don't want to live in this neighborhood anymore," Marshall says.

Marshall isn't the only local complaining. ABC15 has been contacted by property managers and tenants across the street, who are fed up with the gang violence and break-ins they claim have plagued the neighborhood.

"This is horrifying. It really really is," said Cheryl Beydler, a property manager on the same street. "The [tenants] are afraid to come out of their homes during the day."

But Glendale Police say when you look at the numbers compared to last year, crime reports are actually down.

"Crime statistically started going down back in June. There was a spike in June. There were several key arrests made in this area which caused crime to go down."

More specifically, they say emergency calls have decreased 19 percent from last year, and police reports in the area are down 42 percent. Nevertheless, Sgt. Jay O'Neill says police are working hard to make sure the residents of Glendale feel safe.

"We're trying to rebuild the trust and confidence," he says. "Any decline in that, we take very very seriously, so we want to make sure we're addressing that."

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