Glendale leaders discuss Phoenix Coyotes' future

GLENDALE, AZ - The Glendale City Council has until Tuesday, July 2 to make up their mind on a deal that could keep the Phoenix Coyotes in town.

The NHL, which has operated the Coyotes the past four seasons, has agreed to sell the franchise to Renaissance Sports & Entertainment, but the deal is contingent upon completing a lease agreement with the city for Arena

Attorney's stayed up until 2 a.m. Friday morning outlining and making amendments to the deal.

Dozens of Coyotes fans in team gear showed up to listen to the offer's details.

It included ticket surcharges on both hockey and non-hockey events as well as parking fees.

Most fans told ABC15 they're alright with the extra charges if it means keeping the Coyotes in town.

Late Friday night, city officials sent out a counter proposal to the National Hockey League and Renaissance Sports and Entertainment asking for an out clause after five years if the city has lost $50 million or more.

Another point mentioned is for the agreement to be signed by July 8 and for it to close by August 5.

The agreement needs to be completed in time for the NHL to get its season calendar out.

Fans and residents will get a chance to voice their opinion in an open meeting on Tuesday night, July 2.

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