Glendale apartment complex latest victim of water woes

GLENDALE, AZ - One day after running water was restored to Mirabella Apartments in Phoenix, renters at another complex owned by SK Investments LLC found notices from the City of Glendale warning of a water shut down soon.

The notices left at apartments along 67th Avenue and Bethany Home Road advises water will be turned off December 9 if the property owner doesn't settle the utility bill.

Christine Kissen says this is the second time in as many months that she's found a city notice on her door.

Kissen says the last time she asked management about the notices she was told not to worry, and sure enough the water stayed on. This time she's not as confident.  She's upset this is a recurring problem.

"We pay our rent monthly, we're on time, so they should be on time to pay their bill," Kissen said.

Kissen is stocking up on water bottles just in case the water does suddenly stop running, but she's not sure how anyone will be able to handle not having water to take a bath, flush the toilets, or wash the dishes.

Tanya Gonzales got the same water notices on her door, but says the water woes are just one thing on a long list of complaints that go ignored by the property managers.

She says there are multiple vacant units that remain unlocked and often have doors that are left wide open. She says at least two are nearly full to the ceiling with old boards, cement blocks, and rubble. 

Cats and even rats have been spotted wandering in and out of the vacant unit. 

Gonzales worries about her little boy who she says often follows the neighborhood kids when they're playing and who sometimes find their way into the unlocked apartments.

"You don't know if there are homeless people in there, you don't know if he's going to get hurt," Gonzales said.

Gonzales also claims she struggles to get managers to respond to maintenance requests and says several of her neighbors have had the same experiences.

The Maricopa County Treasurer's records list SK Investments as the owner of 12 apartment complexes around the Valley. 

The company owes $111,000 in property taxes to the county. Scott Clifton is listed as the company's owner and his mailing address is in San Diego where his home has been listed for sale since July at a price of more than $6 million.

ABC15 reached out to SK Investments and no one would answer the call and no voicemail was available.


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