FD: Neighbor saves Glendale family from house fire

GLENDALE, AZ - A mother and her two children were rescued by a neighbor after their Glendale home caught fire Monday morning.

The family started yelling for help after their home near 71st and Glendale avenues caught fire, said fire officials.

Neighbor Jose Magana heard the family's calls for help.

"I climbed over the wall and saw them on the balcony," he described. "The flames were already underneath them and I told the mother to drop the baby down to me and I caught her."

Magana then called for his nephews to grab a ladder. He tells us he had to go back over the wall a second time to bring it to the edge of the balcony so the rest of the family could escape.

"I was just acting on impulse," he said. "The fire department chief said they're could've been some fatalities. That's when it sunk in, it really sunk in."

Tierra Richardson and her two children, ages 2 and 12, were transported to a local hospital, but are expected to be OK.

"You guys really did save us, like, seriously. And I want to thank you so much," said Richardson.

Fire officials said crews arrived to find the home fully engulfed in flames and said the fire spread quickly.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

"I'm just happy we could help," Magana said.

Officials say Richardson is renting the property. The owner of the home plans to put the family in another one of his properties in the area. And Magana says the family thanked him for everything and even bought the nephews some pizza for all their hard work last night.

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